We're great listeners. We also ask the right questions to help find the perfect wealth advisor for you.

Founder’s Letter

Welcome to My Wealth Match©.

The concept of My Wealth Match© was born out of my relationships with family members and dearest friends. They knew that I had a deep knowledge and understanding of the wealth management industry. Some of these relationships never had any previous real wealth and received an inheritance. Some had personal, complex problems to solve. Some discovered they could only use the investment vehicles their previous advisors provided. Some were frustrated that the advisor that had initially sought-out their business was handing them off to a staff member. Some just weren’t getting their calls returned.

While these reasons (and many, many more) are what precipitated their requests for my help, what some of them didn’t know (or had not been asked) was how their values and money were aligned. Since these were the closest people to me, the last thing I wanted to do was to refer them to an advisor who would orient the conversation around their “stuff.” Ask a bunch of questions in hopes of uncovering financial assets so the advisor could offer solutions. I would never refer anyone to an advisor because the advisor worked for a specific firm.

Make no mistake, the right questions are vital.

My questions to them were about them as people first and money second. To me, it’s about gathering perspective over gathering data.

When you engage us, we seek to understand what inspired you to become who you are in the world, and the challenges and triumphs you have faced along the way. By aligning your values, perspectives and decision making patterns, we can leverage those qualities and attributes to guide you toward the right advisor of your wealth going forward. What will emerge from a conversation with us is structure for facilitating your passions and using your wealth as an extension of what you truly want and believe.

Our Meet Your Advisor© process and systems are proprietary to My Wealth Match©, as is our extensive network of exceptional, top-tier, highly-credentialed individual advisors with unblemished compliance records. These tools, along with years of working intimately with these advisors, have allowed us to create a service that is unique in the industry today.

We will only bill you for our services after you decide to meet with one or more of the advisors we refer to you. We receive nothing from the advisors we select for you, other than further deepening the relationship we already have with them.

I invite you to schedule a call with me. For direct access to my calendar, and a free 30 minute consultation, click here  to schedule a time that works for you. I’d like to get to know you and introduce you to the exactly right advisor for you.

Sincerely yours,

Tim White, CEO
My Wealth Match LLC.
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