We're great listeners. We also ask the right questions to help find the perfect wealth advisor for you.


What is My Wealth Match®?

My Wealth Match® is lead by Tim White, the nation’s leading authority on leadership and qualitative advice talent in the private wealth management industry. My Wealth Match® intimately knows the wealth management industry and how vital it is for you find the exactly the right Advisor.   Through our Meet Your Advisor® process, we introduce you to our extensive network of exceptional, top-tier, highly-credentialed individual Advisors with unblemished compliance records.    We align your values, perspectives and decision making patterns with the right Advisor so you can use your wealth as an extension of what you truly want and believe.


Why do I need My Wealth Match®?

You could be new to wealth. You may be frustrated that the Advisor that had initially sought-out your business has handed off to a staff member.   Maybe your calls aren’t getting returned.  Maybe you need a second opinion.  You could ask a friend or two for a referral to an Advisor which would give you only one or two choices.  What are the chances that those choices could align your money with your values and what is truly important to you?  Your only other options are to directly reach out to an investment firm and be assigned to an Advisor they choose for you, or invest your money yourself.


What markets are you in?

My Wealth Match® actively works with individuals across the United States. Our Clients and Advisors reside and/or work in major metropolitan areas as well remote communities.   Clients and Advisors alike often prefer relationships that are local.  We have a sophisticated knowledge base about any market in which you are searching.


How is My Wealth Match® different from its competition?

There isn’t a service like ours available elsewhere. There are services that will generate Advisor names for you, and maybe tell you a little about an Advisor’s expertise, but you have to do all the work to see if the Advisor is right for you.   We have decades of wealth management recruiting experience and the tools that allow us to understand what inspired you to become who you are in the world, and the challenges and triumphs you have faced along the way.  By aligning your values, perspectives and decision making patterns, we can leverage those qualities and attributes to guide you toward exactly the right wealth Advisor for you.


Are you compensated by the Advisors?

No. We have relationships with over a thousand exceptional, top-tier, highly-credentialed Advisors with unblemished compliance records. We have already helped hundreds of them with their careers and know them intimately.   The only benefit we derive from the Advisors in our network is deepening the relationship we already have with them.   Through our Meet Your Advisor® process we may also find an Advisor that we didn’t know before, but through that process learn that they are the right Advisor for you.   We will never refer you to an Advisor because they work for a specific firm.


How will you protect my privacy?

Confidentiality is in our professional DNA.   Both our Clients and Advisors lead busy professional and sometimes public lives. We place a premium on privacy and guarantee that your personal information will never be shared outside the scope of the search.   We will always maintain your privacy and confidentiality and ensure that by fully executed, non-disclosure documentation. Your consent is needed before sharing information with any potential Advisor.  Our Advisors require the same consent.  Clients and Advisors expect that working with a firm such as ours be discreet and confidential.   As such, we do not disclose personal information until we are authorized to do so by both parties.

Privacy statement: My Wealth Match® takes pride in its discreet, confidential relationships with our Clients and Advisors.  All personal information is kept in strict confidence and is for our internal use only.  We do not collect or store your personal identifiable information on our website.  We do not rent, share, or sell database mailing lists, or information about visitors to third parties. we do not enable cookies on our website.

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Do you screen the Clients who join My Wealth Match®?

Yes.  We are as equally selective with our Clients as we are with our Advisors.  We don’t accept just anyone as a client.   My Wealth Match® carefully screens and filters the individuals accepted in our program.   What our screening process does not do is ask you how much you’re worth, what you earn, or how much you have to invest.


How do I join My Wealth Match®?

My Wealth Match® offers two ways to become a member: Our fee-based Client program and our wealth Advisor program.   Regardless of which program you choose, we will always honor your privacy and preferences.  Both programs are 100% customized, confidential, and offline. Our Client program is a fee-based, proactive custom search.  Every search is unique and pricing is dependent on your search criteria.  You are cordially invited to schedule a complimentary 30 minute call with Tim White, Founder and CEO of My Wealth Match®.   He would like to get to know you and answer any questions you have prior to engaging our services.  To get direct access to his calendar, click here you may also click “take action” to submit a search inquiry.


How many potential Advisors do you have in my area?

My Wealth Match® emphasizes finding exactly the right Advisor for you, whether that is in a specific locale or distant location.   That said, we have a national network of exceptional, top-tier, highly-credentialed Advisors with unblemished compliance records and are highly likely to have dozens near you, depending on your search criteria and location.      My Wealth Match® takes the time to get to know you and your search before taking you on as client.   Our service will provide you with five Advisors from which to choose.   All five will be exceptional, top-tier, highly-credentialed individual Advisors with unblemished compliance records.    All five will be aligned with your values, perspectives and possess the professional expertise you require.


What information will I receive about potential Advisors?

My Wealth Match® will publish for you, and email to you, comprehensive dossiers of the Advisors we have vetted that meet the requirements and preferences you have defined. Each presentation is custom-tailored to your search.  These presentations detail the following:

  • An Advisor’s experience
  • Education
  • Areas of expertise
  • Acceptance of fiduciary responsibility
  • Credentials
  • Types of Clients
  • Number of household relationships
  • Total assets under management
  • Smallest, average and largest Clients they have
  • Description of their firm
  • Work history
  • Specific individuals or firms they use to assist them such as estate attorneys, accountants, capital markets, bankers, etc.
  • How much they charge for service and methods for charging.
  • Differences in levels of service
  • Total costs and fees for typical stock and bond funds
  • Perspective on financial events like a real-estate purchase or sale, death of a spouse and subsequent survivor benefits or other large financial events on retirement forecasting
  • Differences in investment models in relation to client’s risk tolerances
  • Allocation guidelines in relation to client’s age and estate planning criteria
  • Perspective regarding home equity, social security, pensions, or annuity payments as part of an allocation
  • Kinds of investments recommended
  • Description of Advisor’s current Clients on a scale of one to ten; where one represents a pure buy-and-hold investor and ten represents a market-timer
  • Frequency of Client reviews
  • Description of Advisor’s health, lifestyle, and habits
  • Detail on Advisor’s marital history, children, and grandchildren
  • Description of Advisor’s community and charitable involvement
  • Social, religious and political affiliations
  • Personality indicators
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Level of empathy

In addition, we will provide comprehensive background checks from an independent third party vendor at no extra cost.   We won’t provide you with the Advisor’s name or contact information until you’re ready to meet them, and only with their consent.


What do you share about me with potential Advisors?

With the exception of any and all identifying information, and in keeping with our privacy policy and executed non-disclosure documentation, we will share with the Advisor what we learn about you during the Discovery and Standards phases of our process.  This will include your history, your attitudes concerning your wealth, biases, values, perspectives, decision making patterns as well as what has and hasn’t worked for you in past.   The Advisor will learn what has inspired you to become who you are in the world, and the challenges and triumphs you have faced along the way.   What we will never do is ask you how much you’re worth, what you earn, or how much you have to invest.


When am I billed?

Should you wish to be introduced to one or more of the Advisors we have presented to you, My Wealth Match® will disclose the name of the Advisor, provide you with his/her contact information and arrange a mutually convenient date and time for a face-to-face meeting.  A face-to-face meeting provides the setting for both Client and Advisor to develop an accurate gauge of personal, social, moral and professional compatibility.   It is at this point we will invoice you via email and our engagement fee will be due.  You may remit payment via personal check, or wire transfer.


What if I change my mind and cancel a search you have already started?

You may cancel without penalty any time prior to, or within thirty days after completion of the Discovery and Standards phases of our process.  Should you cancel after the Discovery and Standards phases of our process, but prior to introduction, you will be required to pay 50% of our fee.

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